For those reading their material or sharing the contours of their idea:

  • You will be given a strict time limit for sharing
  • You will get a 1-minute warning from the timekeeper
  • You will be abruptly interrupted when your time is up


For those who are listening:

  • Story Circles are about listening
  • Take a few notes about what you hear, also in case you want to share feedback with others on a one-to-one basis during a break
  • Absorb what you hear before responding
  • Practice the idea of stepping up or stepping back. If you tend to be the first with feedback, step back. If you tend to shy away from speaking, step up.
  • The leader will thank the person who has shared
  • The leader will ask the person who shared if he/she wants feedback and if so, what type
  • Give feedback in a respectful way. Begin with the positive.
  • If you have negative feedback or suggestions for changes, always say, “If it were my story, I might….”
    • Other good phrasing: “One thing I didn’t quite understand was….”
    • “I began to get a picture of…”